Granite XP Optional Modules


Granite XP brings real intelligence to infrastructure maintenance and management. 
By creating a solid data collection foundation with Granite XP, water utilities can more effectively allocate precious rehabilitation dollars to their critical infrastructure projects to meet or exceed Federal and State Regulatory compliance mandates.

Granite XP Optional Modules

Manhole, Structure, and Nodes Module - capture inspection and observation details, which are all linked to the structure, node or manhole
PACP Module (NASSCO certified)
Inclination Module - accurately capture and graph the slope of the pipe and evaluate pipe conditions as the inspection is performed
Lateral Assets Module - capture inspection data, observation details, video, and pictures, which are all linked to the lateral structure
ESRI ArcMap™ Plug-in Module - bi-directional synchronization with ESRI ArcGIS
WRc Compatibility and Export Module (Sewer.dat & Sewer1.dat)
Hansen Formula-Based Sewer Module - certified bi-directional interface to all Hansen v7x
Hansen Storm Module - certified bi-directional interface to all Hansen v7x (Hansen v8 integration is via Neztek)
Azteca Cityworks Module - bi-directional interface to Azteca Cityworks
WinCan Export Module - allows data to be collected and exported to WinCan v7
Seal & Grout Module - record pressure changes during air tests and graph pressure tests that show repair integrity and track grout usage
GPS Module- display and obtain current GPS coordinates - supports NMEA-0183 compatible GPS devices
Scheduler Module - allows you to schedule reoccurring tasks for transferring data, media files, and synchronizing databases. Plan daily, weekly or monthly schedules by automatically transferring or archiving data.
Scoring Module – allows you to create the data needed to conduct strategic analysis for capital planning, maintaining current service levels, and predictive failure modeling
Sonar Module – allows you to capture accurate dimensional data on silt level, grease accumulation, pipe deformation, offsets, etc,  below the waterline

 Manhole Inspections

Cleaning & Jetting Inspections

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Mainline Inspection (root intrusion shown in pipe)

Scoring Inspection

Grouting Inspection

Lateral Inspection

ESRI  Plug-in Module Screen Shot