Granite XP Editions


Granite XP brings real intelligence to infrastructure maintenance and management. 
By creating a solid data collection foundation with Granite XP, water utilities can more effectively allocate precious rehabilitation dollars to their critical infrastructure projects to meet or exceed Federal and State Regulatory compliance mandates.

Granite XP Available Editions

Whether you’re a truck operator, an IT professional, an Engineering firm, a municipality, or a GIS administrator, Granite XP provides solutions to integrate all aspects of the TV inspection process. In order to meet the needs of different users, Granite XP offers 4 different Editions:


Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition - allows users to manage inspection information and create customized inspection analysis in the form of reports, videos, still pictures, and database files to meet a wide array of data requirements. Capable of running on Enterprise databases such as Oracle 9i and SQL Server, the Granite XP Enterprise Edition offers unmatched data synchronization power to enable multi-truck environments to manage disparate data within one master database. Additionally, the Enterprise Edition can import, export and manipulate data to meet virtually any requirement from GIS to PACP.


Inspection Edition

Inspection Edition - allows users to perform pipeline inspections out in the field often connected to camera systems to capture, assess and store inspection data.


Engineering Edition

Engineering Edition - allows users to modify inspections and observations gathered in the field, to review existing data, synchronize inspections, capture images from playback and generate reports.


Inspection "Lite" Edition

Inspection Lite Edition - this affordable new edition is ideal for inspections that don't require video recording for documenting pipe cleaning activities. Most optional modules are inherited at no extra charge when purchased on a qualifying full inspection edition.


Viewer Edition

Viewer Edition - allows users to review and share information gathered during inspections and generate reports.