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Granite XP brings real intelligence to infrastructure maintenance and management. 
By creating a solid data collection foundation with Granite XP, water utilities can more effectively allocate precious rehabilitation dollars to their critical infrastructure projects to meet or exceed Federal and State Regulatory compliance mandates.

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CUES continues to be the industry leader by designing and manufacturing a full-circle solution of products for pipe profiling, pipe rehabilitation, closed circuit television systems, and data acquisition with bi-directional interfaces to ESRI ArcGIS and asset management software such as Hansen and Azteca Cityworks.

An investment in Granite XP will generate a significant return on your investment because the software has been architected on Microsoft technology which can be leveraged for many years to come. The CUES Software Division will continue to broaden and enhance Granite XP to meet the needs of the changing Water/Wastewater industry. If you need help evaluating technology, have questions, or need solutions to maximize process efficiency gains for your organization, contact the CUES Software Division for more information at 800-327-7791 or email The CUES Software Division can provide industry-specific consulting and offers a team of certified experts to help identify solutions to your specific Water/Wastewater needs. Make the investment in Granite XP today – your assets depend on it!

In addition to inspection equipment, CUES also designs, manufactures, and sells a broad range of pipeline rehabilitation and profiling equipment. These include chemical grouting systems for sewer line pipe joints capable of using a wide variety of grouting products. CUES also makes lateral reinstatement cutting systems which enable the reinstating of laterals in mainline sewers after they have been relined with any of a wide variety of liner materials. Pipe profiling is accomplished via Laser or Sonar based systems.

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