• Reduced camera/tractor length with optical zoom pan & tilt camera [OZ III]; allows line entry through inverts with limited space and traverses 22, 45, and 90 degree sweeps in smaller diameter lines
  • Built in connector and protective housing for direct insertion of the OZIII camera. No camera interface cables are required.
  • Reduced width enables full pan and tilt / zoom capabilities in 6” relined pipe
  • Proven transmission with power forward, freewheel and power reverse; high speed retract without running over the cable and easy to back out of a dropped manhole
  • Weighted track extenders to optically center the camera; greater weight for increased traction, increase bottom clearance as pipe diameter increases
  • Waterproof motor with bulkhead connector; protection against leaks and motor damage
  • Self-cleaning drive sprockets; maximum performance in mud and sand
  • Contoured high traction cleats; maximum pipe wall contact for greater traction
  • Inspection speed can be optimized to match pipe size and conditions
  • Operates in 6” relined to 24” lines; maximum versatility and applications
  • Dual track fasteners; increases track and cleat life
Features & Benefits
Ultra Shorty III offers the most compact track transporter in the industry today!
The Ultra Shorty III can inspect 6” relined to 24” lines with major offsets and protruding laterals. Maximum clearance is provided for 6” and 6” relined pipe. The Ultra Shorty III includes a built-in protective housing and bulkhead connector to accommodate the mounting and direct connection of the CUES OZ III Zoom Pan and Tilt Camera. Weighted adapter blocks are available to optically center the camera, and increase traction and bottom clearance in 8” through 24” lines. For added versatility, the Ultra Shorty III with OZ III can be used with any multi-conductor system.
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