• Works with CUES multi or Single Conductor 2000 Formats
  • Ultra Shorty works with all CUES cameras: mini-mainline, pan-and-tilt, optical zoom
  • Freewheel reverse, power reverse, and power forward
  • All variable weight adapters to optically center the camera in pipe
  • Optional lift is available to optically center the camera in 6" through 36" pipe
  • Bottom clearance increases proportionally with pipe size
  • 1/8 HP heavy-duty drive motor; continuous duty motor
  • High temperature windings and shielded leads on drive motor
  • Double-fastened cleats
  • Self-cleaning sprockets optimize performance in sand and dirt
  • Variable speed from 0-55 fpm
  • Waterproof motor with bulkhead connector
  • Greater than 1" top and bottom clearance in 6" pipe
  • Allows entry through inverts with limited space and traverses 22, 45, and 90 degree sweeps in smaller diameters (Ultra Shorty 21 only)
  • Reduced length with optical zoom camera (OZII) is 28" (Ultra Shorty 21 only)
  • Optional Equipment:
    • Desk top or stand alone controller
    • Variable weight adapters to for 18" through 30" pipe
    • Lift to optically center the camera in 36" pipe

Features & Benefits
Ultra Shorty 21 offers a reduced length measuring only 21"!
The Ultra Shorty variable-weight, tracked crawler is designed for inspecting pipelines from 6” - 30” in diameter and is able to inspect 6" clay pipe with major offsets, meandering conditions, and protruding laterals. Dual 18" cleated track drive provides 50% more wall contact area than wheeled crawlers. This greater contact area assures maximum traction under all inspection conditions. Weighted pipe extenders assure maximum traction and debris clearance in lines from 8" to 24" diameter. A lift is available to optically center the camera in 30" to 36" lines. Measuring only 24" long, the Ultra Shorty is easy to insert in small manholes and dead end lines.

The Ultra Shorty 21 offers the same quality and proven performance as the Ultra Shorty transporter but also provides a reduced length measuring only 21". This transporter can inspect 6" to 36" lines with major offsets and protruding laterals. A lift is available to optically center the camera in 30" to 36" lines. The Ultra Shorty 21 transporter combined with the CUES OZII optical zoon camera offers you one of the most compact assemblies in the industry at only 28" to achieve maximum clearance in 6" or 6" relined pipe. For existing Ultra Shorty customers, a retro kit is available.
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