• Jet Truck monitors pipe conditions in real time view identical to the CCTV Inspection operator's view. Keep your camera safe from a possible collision with the nozzle
    • CCTV Truck can remain at one entry point while the Jet Truck can move from manhole to manhole, decreasing set up time and enabling the inspection of multiple cleaned pipe sections from one access point
    • Easy to Use-set up within a few minutes
    • Use for any operation where remote video monitoring is beneficial, including point repair and other rehabilitation processes
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The CUES TruVue Video Transmission System enables the Jet Truck operator to remotely view real time video generated from the CCTV Inspection System, avoiding the potential for unintended collisions between the jet nozzle and the CCTV inspection camera. The CUES TruVue works with all manufacturers' video inspection systems, requiring an available video output and AC power.
    • High resolution 8.4" LCD monitor mounted in weather proof case with protective sun shade
    • Built in Lithium Iron Phosphate battery provides minimum 12 hours battery power
    • Built in diagnostics to include display for voltage, amperage, charge/discharge indicator, percentage of charge, and bar graph displaying remaining charge
    • Supplied with mounting tripod, and battery charger
Standard Features
The new CUES TruVue system is a portable, wireless LCD monitor unit. that allows the sewer camera image to be viewed remotely. It is the perfect product for the jetter operator to view the camera image while operating the Jetter/Vac unit.

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