• Operates with CUES Standard CCTV to provide underwater profiles of pipe interior and conditions
  • Operates in pipes, lines or siphons from 12" though 18' without flow interruption
  • PAL or NTSC outputs for recording on standard VHS or S-VHS recorders
  • Real time continuous interior scanning over full 360 degrees in under 1 second
  • Direct image capture to hard disk for recording still frames on CD at full resolution
  • Screen display of distance location from entry point for positive location confirmation
  • Operates both in fully charged and partially charged lines
  • Analysis can be performed in a CCTV inspection vehicle or on a remote computer
  • Collects, stores, and prints pipeline inspection data (footage count and inclinometer data) & video images for display/report generation
  • Stores inspection files on disk to be exported into other computers
  • Surveys approximately 4 inches/per second
  • Includes an inclinometer designed to collect pitch and roll data
  • User can display distance measurements and/or draw a circle around the pipe image to determine pipe diameter
  • User can add titling information to the video or to a computer report while printing
  • Operates off of 115 or 240 volts AC current
  • Underwater Scanner Unit provides communications with the scanner, sampling of the acoustic signals, and interfacing to the cable counter for each Sonar System
Features & Benefits - Both Sonar Systems - SONAR and SONAR / TV SYSTEMS
The Sonar Profiler System is designed to provide accurate dimensional data on silt level, grease accumulation, pipe deformation, offsets, etc, below the waterline.

While CCTV is the standard acceptable method of visually inspecting pipelines above the waterline, it cannot provide visual information on internal pipe conditions below the waterline. In charged lines or siphons, the Sonar Profiler System provides the visual profile, profile comparison, and dimension data of significant items or defects. A sonar inspection of a fully or partially charged line provides a two-dimensional profile of the interior pipe wall similar to a medical MRI. Using the sonar software, a circle overlay is projected, sized, and moved anywhere within the image for checking erosion or remaining wall thickness. Accurate measurements can be made between any two points within the sonar image. Thus, offset, debris level, size of blockage, grease level, defects and so forth can be quantified. In partially charged lines, the Sonar can be combined with CCTV to provide a simultaneous composite image of the pipe both above and below the waterline!

Two (2) different sonar systems, (1) for submerged pipelines and (1) for semi-submerged pipelines, are available to survey pipelines measuring 12" up to 18' in diameter. Both systems provide ‘real time’ cross-sectional views of the pipe by utilizing high resolution/short range sonar. For semi-submerged pipelines, the non-submerged portion of the pipe is displayed on the video monitor as a standard video image.
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