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New York contractor uses CUES Grout Inspection Vehicle and equipment to keep I&I out -
Cleaner March 2016
Putnam County, West Virginia, uses CUES equipment to aid sewer system challenges -
MSW March 2016
Greensboro, NC, Water Resources Dept. uses CUES equipment to inspect aging water mains -
MSW March 2016
CUES DUC Camera is featured in the Cleaner WWETT Spotlight
Cleaner July 2016
CUES equipment aids Omaha, Nebraska plumbing business -
Cleaner July 2016
Engineering firm uses CUES equipment to aid water, wastewater, and stormwater services
Cleaner August 2016

Taylors, SC, Wastewater District uses CUES equipment for effective I&I reduction-
MSW August 2016

Nebraska contractor uses CUES equipment to expand its' plumbing, pumping, and utility business
PUMPER September 2016