• The CUES Portable Manhole Inspection System consists of control box, reel, and tripod 
  • Compact, lightweight, rugged, weatherproof enclosure; control box weighs only 100 lbs.
  • Can fit into a pick up truck, ATV, trailer or van
  • The racks are mounted with shock-isolators to prevent equipment damage from jarring and vibrations
  • Easy access to service and maintain the unit via front and back removable panels
  • The tripod is operated with a battery-operated electric winch
  • Operates and is interchangeable with CUES manhole cameras:
    - DUC Digital Side Scanning Camera produces 3D images of manholes with unwrapped view and measurements
    - CUES-IMX  Mpeg video with real-time zoom, pan & tilt, for preliminary pipe assessment
    - SPiDER – 3D scanning camera produces 3D video and measurable point cloud
Features & Benefits
CUES Portable Manhole Inspection System with Manual Reel
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