The Pipe Ranger is a rugged and versatile low-maintenance transporter specially designed to traverse silt, mud and debris commonly found in storm and sanitary sewers.

Three standard wheel sizes and optional manual or electric cameralifts are available to maximize performance. Optional high tractiontiresare available for extreme slippery conditions. Pipe Rangerinspects 7" relinedpipe through 60" diameter pipe. Its unique two (2)speed transmission doubles thetorque of the unit to produce maximumpulling power in large diameter pipe when the 10.5" diametertires are installed.When assembled with a pan-and-tilt camera, the reduced length of the transporter / camera assembly can negotiate most difficult entry conditions and standard sweeps.

The Steerable Pipe Ranger offers all the same features of the Pipe Ranger but includes full proportional steering that enables you to traverse meandering pipe and 45° and 90° turns.  One joystick is used to control steering, the optional remotely controlled camera lift, and a pan and tilt zoom camera. The remote controlled camera lift  precludes manhole entry during insertion and retrieval. The Steerable Pipe Ranger combined with the CUES OZ II optical zoom camera offers you one of the most compact assemblies in the industry.

  • Operates with CUES multi or single conductor systems
  • Operates with all CUES cameras: mini-mainline, pan-and-tilt, optical zoom
  • All-wheel drive is enclosed and sealed
  • Two speed transmission doubles the torque and maximizes traction
  • All brass and stainless steel construction
  • Three wheel sets (3.7", 5.0", and 10.5" diameter) for small, intermediate, and large diameter pipes
  • Inspects 7" through 60" diameter lines
  • Compact transporter/pan-and-tilt camera assembly; facilitates entry into small inverts
  • Rear tip up bulkhead connector minimizes strain on cable connection
  • Designed to traverse storm drains and pipe with debris and silt
  • Freewheel, powered reverse, forward variable speed control
  • Rugged, durable and sealed to eliminate water intrusion
Basic Features & Benefits
Steerable Pipe Ranger with an OZII Camera
Steerable Features & Benefits
  • Compact camera/transporter length with the optical zoom pan & tilt camera (OZ II)
  • Full proportional steering control; can turn 360° within its own radius; pinpoint control maximizes the ability to traverse challenging pipe conditions
  • Can traverse meandering pipe with 45° and 90° turns; minimizes transporter turnover in small diameter pipe
  • Designed to traverse storm drains and pipe with debris and silt
  • Facilitates entry into small inverts, small manholes, dead end lines, and traversal of sweeps
  • Reduces stress on interface cables during inspection and retrieval
  • Can inspect 8" relined pipe
  • Inspection speed can be optimized to match pipe conditions and pipe size in 8" through 60" pipe
  • Can operate on all truck-mounted and portable systems
  • Flight stick controller to operate the transporter, optional camera lift and camera movements with one hand; provides operational simplicity
Pipe Ranger with an OZII Camera
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