A packer consists of an aluminum cylinder fitted with an inflatable rubber sleeve. CUES packers are designed to have the smallest outside diameter (maximum clearance of pipe imperfections and obstructions) while still allowing the packer, when inflated, to seat firmly at the defective joint. They are also designed for maximum bypass flow while operating in the line.  The design of the packer(s) allows the operator to remove the mixing stem for clean up without disassembling the packer.CUES provides a variety of joint testing and sealing packers which allow chemical sealant or root kill solutions to be injected into a defective joint. CUES packers include a simple design and are a cost-effective solution as compared to other methods.
Features & Benefits
  • Mainline Joint Sealing Packers:
    Multi-grout Joint Sealing Packers Features:
  • • Available for 6-15” lines
    • Lower initial cost than Low Void designs
    • Can be used with urethane, acrylimide, and acrylate based grouts
  • Low Void Joint Sealing Packers Features:         
    • Available for 8” through 42” lines
    • Low void/low volume packers can save up to $25 per joint
    • Can be used for Air and Water testing of joints
    • The 18” through 42” sizes are collapsible to fit into a standard manhole ring
    • Can be used with urethane, acrylimide, and acrylate based grouts
  • Lateral Packers Features:          
    • Available for 6" through 30" pipe sizes with 4" or 6" lateral plug sizes
    • Seals the connection between the main sewer and the lateral connection from a house or other structure
    • Can be used with urethane, acrylimide, and acrylate based grouts
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Avanti Chemical Grouts stop leaks in mainline sewers, laterals and manholes.

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Lateral >>>>

Lateral with Liner >>>

Mainline Sewer >>>

Manhole with Brick >>>

Manhole Horizontal >>>>

Manhole Precast >>>>

Mainline Verticle >>>>

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