• Consists of an OZII or OZIII Laser Diode Camera and a Digital Video Caliper (DVC)
  • Provides the ability to measure an object on any of three axis including the vertical, horizontal or diagonal axis
  • Measurements can be in Metric or English units
  • The numeric measurement data can be displayed in any one of eight selectable colors and located anywhere within the video image for viewing on a video monitor or recording on a VCR, CD, or DVD
Features & Benefits
The OZII & OZIII cameras with laser diodes provide measurements of pipe defects & abnormalities without the need to enter the pipeline! The OZII & OZIII Cameras with Laser Diodes combine the latest laser beam technology with an advanced digital video caliper for measuring pipe joints, cracks, defects, debris and other abnormalities within the pipeline without the need to enter the pipeline!

The cameras have all the great features of the CUES OZII & OZIII cameras, but include special LED lightheads that incorporate dual laser diode projectors. The two laser beams are factory-aligned to a known separation distance regardless of the distance of the object to be measured or the cameras zoom position.

The OZII & OZIII Cameras with Laser Diodes are specifically designed to eliminate spherical distortion, pin cushioning, or barrel distortion that’s found in other pipeline inspection cameras. The optical distortions found in other cameras do not allow for accurate calibration and measurements, just as a physical measurement off of a video monitor is also inaccurate.

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