12/01/06 CUES equipment and Granite XP Asset Inspection/Decision Support Software helps Peoria, Arizona stay current with sewer maintenance and repair. Click here to read the article featured in Municipal Sewer & Water.

11/21/06 The CUES/IMX Truck-mounted Zoom Camera Helps Hillsborough County, Florida, with their sewer asset management program! Click here to read the full article that's featured in the September/October UIM magazine (provided by Benjamin Media Inc.).

11/21/06 Joe Purtell, director of the CUES Software Division, contributes to a special report "Facing Cross-bores - Lateral Location, Cooperation Key to Solution" in the November issue of Trenchless Technology! Click here to read the article.

11/20/06 CUES introduces new technology for sanitary & storm sewer inspection - the steerable compact camera transporter (CPR - Compact Pipe Ranger). Click here to read the press release, view the web page, or contact us for more information.

10/02/06 Granite XP Helps Kirkland, Washington Use Three-Pronged Attack on Pipeline Maintenance! Click here to read the full article that's featured in the July/August UIM magazine (provided by Benjamin Media Inc.).

09/01/06 Trenchless Technology Roundtable Discussion References CUES Granite XP System!
Bob Ericcson, Engineer at Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, stated the following about Granite XP and how the software is changing the way they do business (provided by Benjamin Media Inc.).Click here to read the full article.

8/23/06 Southern Sewer Equipment Sales to be the Florida distributor for CUES! Effective September 1st, Southern Sewer Equipment Sales will be the Florida dealer! CUES and Southern Sewer Equipment Sales bring together the best possible 'Clean and TV' combination for pipeline cleaning equipment, support and service! Click here to read more or go to the Southern Sewer Equipment Sale website at www.southernsewer.com.

07/31/06 A Tunnelling & Trenchless Construction article references CUES equipment (joint sealing rig) used in the UK to fix groundwater inflow problems. Click here to read the article.

07/28/06 A Trenchless Technology article references CUES equipment (CCTV inspection truck and Granite XP pipeline condition assessment software) used by Kirkland, WA, to help its pipeline maintenance/asset management program. Click here to read the article (provided by Benjamin Media Inc.).

05/23/06 The May issue of NASSCO Times features the technical article "What's Important in Selecting Pipeline Inspection Software". Written by Joe Purtell, the article discusses asset management and how to choose the right software to meet the challenges in today's water/wastewater industry. Click here to read the article.

05/09/06 Joe Purtell, director of the CUES Software Division, is featured in the April issue of Trenchless Technology. The technical forum article "Selecting Pipe Inspection Software", written by Joe Purtell, provides important questions to ask when determining the right software package for the water/wastewater industry. Click here to read the article. 

05/08/06 CUES has developed a new cam-lock type connector for the Pipe Ranger product line
This feature has been incorporated into all new multi-conductor SPR/PR production units during April 2006. The new connector improves the connection of the 12-pin pigtail to the swivel connector. For existing users, the connectors are field-retrofittable to their existing Pipe Ranger/Steerable Pipe Ranger. Click here to view a recent photo of the connector or contact us for more information.

03/27/06 CUES Releases New Air Cutter Motor. CUES has developed a new .9hp air motor for it’s small Kangaroo Cutter line to provide more power, increased productivity, and a smoother cut when operating in 8” - 12” relined pipe. Click here to view the press release or contact us for more information.

03/09/06 Granite XP is featured in the March issue of Municipal Sewer and Water. The issue features the article "Granite XP – Tracking Assets".  Written by Cole Publishing, the Technology Test Drive provides an unbiased product review that explains what the software can do and what makes it a unique product. To view the article, click here.

03/07/06 The Mini-Push 20/20 portable inspection system now offers an optional built-in removeable DVD recorder features include video playback, self-contained 3.5" x7" LCD display, 40 gigabyte hard drive, USB port for video export and more! Click here to view the MP2020 web page or contact us for more information.

02/28/06 CUES announces new Granite XP Filtering Capabilities... search the Granite XP database for desired inspection record(s) based on specific criteria. This robust functionality will play an important role with utilities that need to prioritize their rehabilitation plans for an effective CMOM program.
Click here to download the brochure or contact us for more information.

01/23/06 CUES will exhibit new technology at the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International in Nashville, TN on February 15-18, 2006. Stop by and visit us in Booth S28. Click here to visit the expo website.

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