This does not look like a typical CUES system...

True.  As a company who takes customer feedback seriously, we designed the MARK3 in response to customers’ needing a portable system for easement/off-road work and complementary mainline work that is compatible with their existing CUES equipment. Additionally, users performing infrequent inspections and seeking a more affordable platform, are also drawn to the MARK3.

As a complement to our time-tested mainline equipment, the MARK3 fills the void between portable and traditional vehicle-mounted systems. Sanitary and storm sewer in-pipe conditions are difficult enough; simply getting the equipment to the access point should not be the issue.  The CUES MARK3 allows operators a crossover tool. We value our customers’ input and are proud to offer a new solution to pipeline inspection demands. Contact CUES for a free demo today!

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  • Will operate 1,000 ft. multi conductor cable
  • Mainline inspection for 6-72” diameter lines
  • Compact and easy to mount in a variety of smaller vehicles including ATV, pick-up truck, van, and trailer
  • Can operate with the CUES Digital Side-scanning Camera
  • Fully compatible with CUES condition assessment software
  • Automatic-payout and retrieve for video cable
  • Made from stainless steel and areospace-grade aluminum
  • LCD display case contains built-in keypad with high-resolution monitor mounted on a reinforced RAM assembly; adjustable for height and rotation
  • Weatherproof, removable display case with keypad (can be mounted up to 15 ft. away with optional extension cord)
  • Connection ports including (1) AV, (3) USB (2 on the PCU; 1 on the display case), (1) VGA, ethernet, serial cable, SD card, and standard microphone