• Operates with your TV unit’s existing monitor, VCR, and data system or as a stand-alone wireless unit
  • Inspect pipelines, manholes, vessels, tanks, or other internally confined space/entries
  • Inspect up to 18’ into the confined space/entry
  • Record distance and pipeline information on a videotape if utilizing an optional VCR
  • Full color/infrared video module design allows inspection with low wattage LED lightring
  • Infrared lightring provides illumination in large confined spaces
  • High quality Sony video module with 92-degree lens
  • Capture digital photos if utilizing an optional digital capture system
  • Operate with a standard multi- or single conductor TV truck
  • Transport and store easily
  • Customer choice packages allow you to choose the right package for your needs
    NOTE: One Customer Choice Package must be purchased for operation. To view customer choice packages and customer choice add-ons, click here.
    Basic system includes:
  • Color/IR camera module with auto switching
  • Built-in LED infrared lightring
  • Fiberglass extendable telescoping pole, 6'-18' depth
  • Power/video interconnect cable
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The CUES Lite-Stick Pole-Mounted Inspection Camera is the only 100% wireless system on the market offering a built-in wireless video transmitter and battery in the pole assembly for easy handling and operation.

Lite-Stick is the lightest and most economical portable inspection system in the market! This complete hand held confined space inspection camera provides high quality video as a stand-alone system or can be used in conjunction with any TV inspection unit's monitor, VCR or digital capture unit, saving you even more money!
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