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The CUES Lateral Pan & Tilt Camera is designed to work with the LAMP II Lateral Launcher as an optional pan and tilt push camera. The camera is designed to navigate through multiple wyes and 45 and 90 degree bends / sweeps.
  • Ability to direct the camera and lights to observe all defects including joint separations, cracks, offsets, spotting, and root intrusion in the laterals
  • The LAMP II with lateral pan and tilt camera is operated with a portable hand-held pendant
  • Built-in multi-frequency sonde transmitter; 512 Hz standard and 8 kHz; frequency is selectable
  • Detachable steering wand provides the ability to navigate through multiple wyes
  • (2) Camera lens window wipers included for in-pipe cleaning of windows.
  • No need to pull out the camera above ground to clean the lens windows!
  • Provides continuous 360 degree pan and tilt capabilities
  • Automatic, powered self-leveling camera head
  • Four (4) banks of LED’s with variable light intensity
  • Push cable lengths available up to 150 ft.
Features & Benefits: