Base Station Features & Benefits
  • Mount in an ATV, Pick-up Truck, Trailer, or Van
  • Wireless control of all camera, transporter, and reel functions
  • Enables operation of the system remotely from any angle up to 100 ft.
  • Compact, lightweight, rugged, weatherproof enclosure; provides maximum protection via an enclosed video inspection system
  • Versatile, mobile, rugged, and economical!
  • Partition separates the video cable reel with tractor and camera storage from the power control unit, monitor, and optional computer based data acquisition system
  • All controllers, TV monitor, and power control are rack mounted to maximize ergonomic operation and protected by a sealed and lockable hatch
  • The racks are mounted with shock-isolators to prevent equipment damage from jarring and vibrations
  • Sealed front door is hinged, supported by a gas shock, and functions as an awning in the open position
  • Easy access to service and maintain the unit via removable panels
  • Operates all CUES wheeled and tracked transporters toaccommodate 6”- 200” pipe inspection!
  • Operates all CUES pan and tilt zoom cameras with optional built in inclinometer or built-in sonde
  • Available with CUES laser pipe profiling system
  • The K2 Base Station is covered with protective aluminum sheets and industrial grade weather resistant paint
  • Built-in camera and camera transporter storage
  • Rubber seals, gaskets, and aluminum water-tight enclosure to protect all components
  • Optional heavy duty welded lifting eyelets or forklift skids available for quick deployment or removal from an ATV or truck
  • Optional automatic video cable payout on the reel to maximize transporter pull distance
  • Optional laser-based precision measurement system to accurately measure offset joints, cracks, and joint separations in sanitary or storm sewers
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