Floating platform for television camera/lighting...works in large pipes, regardless of tides, flows, water level, or debris!

The float is designed to provide a stable floating platform for the television camera and its associated lighting when inspecting pipes ranging from 24” to 200”. Built with a rugged polyurethane filled fiberglass hull and catamaran style metal keel, the Float can operate in virtually any drain, through sand and debris, without the need to divert or reduce flows. Measuring only 18 ½” wide x 42” long, can be inserted in a manhole without the need for the operator to enter a confined space.

  • Usable in large pipes regardless of tides, flows, water level, or debris
  • Flow does not have to be diverted or shutdown; inspections can be made regardless of tide level
  • Will pass through a 19” manhole ring
  • Can be placed in operation without the need for the operator to enter the manhole
  • Three built-in high intensity lights
  • Sufficient lighting for pipes 24” through 200”
  • Operates with all CUES low light, high resolution cameras
  • Low light sensitivity and high resolution means “best picture” results under all conditions. Camera choices ensure operational flexibility including downstream inspection
  • Catamaran style metal keel and skid
  • Metal keel slides over sand and debris while protecting hull
  • Built-in rugged tow brackets for front and rear winching or tethering
  • Can be operated upstream and downstream
  • Molded fiberglass hull with closed cell polyurethane fill
  • Fiberglass hull provides maximum life with low maintenance
  • Adjustable camera platform
  • Camera viewing angle can be adjusted for pipe size and flow prior to inspection
Features & Benefits
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