CUES Easy Grout System
Contact CUES to check out our new "Easy Grout” computerized grouting system! The “Easy Grout” system features a computerized graphical user interface that leads you intuitively through the grouting process. The software includes help files, tool tip descriptions, and recommended settings to assist operators throughout the grouting process. Since the system has been designed to consolidate all the valves, electrical controls, etc., into a single instrumentation cabinet, it can be mounted in any location, therefore saving office space. Call us for a discussion and demonstration today!
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  • Field presets for pipe diameter and depth to automatically determine the recommended gel time and void pressure.
  • Gel time display.
  • Void pressure display with timer and ability to zero out both displays at will.
  • Graphical view of pressure and air test to visually determine the pass/fail status for the grouting process of each pipe joint.
  • Displays packer pressure, sleeve vacuum / pressure, and pump speed.
  • Controls can be set to automatically operate sequentially.
  • Modular moisture resistant enclosure with system hardware provides access to all instrumentation, valves, and controls. Can be easily swapped out for troubleshooting or loaner purposes.
  • Modern look and feel.
  • Saves space - the computer interface only requires an additional screen in the office versus a bulky fixed manual panel.
  • Maintenance - easier access to the instrumentation, valves, and controls via the wall-mounted control cabinet.
  • Repairs - swap the entire control cabinet with a loaner to get back up and running quickly.
  • Reduction of training time required for grout operators due to intuitive graphical user interface with on screen help files and tool tips, producing a significantly smaller learning curve when compared to manual control panels.
  • Help files and tool tip descriptions refresh users who have not performed the job for some time.
  • Computer interface is less intimidating than the manual panel; smaller learning curve compared to
    other panels.
  • Graphical view of pressure and air test allows the operator to visualize the processes.
  • Automated functions, such as auto-air-test, saves time by eliminating repetitive steps.
  • Easier to track chemical use with daily and per joint totalizers.
The Easy Grout System Features and Benefits:
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