The CUES DUC Manhole Inspection Camera is a semi-autonomous, high resolution digital CCTV side scanning camera designed for rapid and detailed condition assessment of your wastewater system.  When used in conjunction with CUES asset-based GraniteNet decision support software, you can inspect and assess 50 manholes or more per day, increasing your revenue, while reducing your expenses.  The system can be packaged for off-road applications to minimize the costs of traffic control. The CUES Digital Universal Camera system produces a continuous hemispherical scan of the internal manhole conditions.  The Digital Universal Camera operates at a constant speed without the need to stop or pan and tilt.

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  • Achieve proactive sewer repair and replacement recommendations with transparent justification to the public for allocation of sewer capital funds.  The EPA has stated that proactive management of sewer assets can reduce total asset cost by 20-30%.
  • Identify the most critical problems to address in your wastewater system.  Quickly create an accurate understanding of the present condition of your wastewater system. Achieve predictive failure analysis, based on rapid, accurate, and detailed condition assessment. 

  • Establish a centralized system of record keeping accessible to all decision makers to assure proper, defensible spending.

  • Identify, assess, and score your entire system quickly!  

  • Maintain compliance with CMOM and GASB 34 while establishing a solid baseline to apply for various State and Federal grants.

  • Use life-cycle costing and value engineering to reduce the expense of planned investments. 

  • Show compliance with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies.

  • Identify short and long term concerns to be considered into your future CIP and O&M budgets.

  • And more! Contact your CUES Regional Sales Representative for a free demo.

The DUC Manhole Inspection Camera System Benefits and Features: