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The steerable Compact Pipe Ranger (CPR) camera transporter can traverse up to 1200' under normal pipe conditions to inspect 6" relined pipe through 30" diameter pipe and larger. When assembled with the CUES OZIII zoom pan and tilt camera, the compact length enables the unit to negotiate most difficult entry conditions and standard sweeps.

The superior pulling power of the CPR, combined with the optics and directional lighting of the compact OZ III zoom pan and tilt camera (with the ability to rotate in a 4" circle), creates video inspection quality that's unsurpassed in the industry. Multiple wheel sets are available to maximize bottom-clearance, traction, and optimum camera position. Ease of operation is accomplished with one joystick control for all transporter and camera movements. A variable "cruise control" setting is also available for transporter speed for hands-off operation.

  • Optional mechanical or power camera lift is available to prevent the need for a operator to enter the manhole to position and reposition the camera height and to optically center the camera in varying pipe diameters
  • Optional rear-viewing camera, which is mounted to the CPR transporter, is available to help avoid obstacles and potential tip-overs in the pipeline by providing visibility when retrieving the transporter or driving in reverse.
  • Superior pulling power
  • Wheels can be installed or removed from a single point of contact
  • 2-speed transmission doubles the torque of the transporter for large pipe inspections
  • Locking bayonet-style rear bulkhead connector - durable/stable
  • Operates in 6” relined pipe through 30” diameter pipe and larger
  • Full proportional steering and can complete a 360 degree turn within its own radius
  • Multiple wheel sets to accommodate your needs
  • High-traction wheels are available for slippery PVC pipe
  • Operates with CUES OZIII & Nite Lite III cameras, multi-conductor cable
Features & Benefits

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