Zoom in on your sewer priorities with the CUES-IMX Manhole Camera

Collection system owners and operators can now reduce system operation / management costs and quickly identify high-risk areas of the wastewater / stormwater system. Make the best use of your time and money by using the CUES-IMX Manhole Camera to locate these critical sewer maintenance and repair requirements. The camera offers unparalleled imaging technology with a 25:1 optical zoom that is stabilized and remotely controlled via a telescopic boom to produce picture clarity with enhanced detail up to 300 ft! The zooming capabilities provide the greatest protection against sewer backups and overflows, reduces collection system operation and maintenance costs, and increases performance!

  • Help prioritize and identify sewer issues
  • Swiftly locate problem areas of the pipe
  • Quickly identify maintenance requirements and identify structural defects to prevent sewer overflows
  • Inspect storm drains with flow without the need for a float
  • Pre-inspect pipelines prior to bidding jobs
  • Helps you comply with CMOM & GASB34 requirements
  • Determines where to begin CCTV
  • Featured on the EPA website as an innovative technology
  • Designed for use in pipes 6” in diameter and up with the ability to illuminate and inspect manholes and large diameter pipes at distances up to 300’
  • Designed to provide close-up views of pipes during inspection and/or periodic maintenance to preclude blockages, leaks, in-line obstructions, etc
  • Base unit consists of the following: camera head, mounting fork, light head and camera electronics in the stationary camera housing
  • Designed to operate optimally with any TV inspection vehicle
  • Designed to perform mainline inspections without the need for a camera transporter
  • Designed to prevent the need for an operator to enter the manhole to position and/or reposition the camera height
  • Designed to gauge the manhole depth
Features & Benefits
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