The CUES Accurate Mapping Probe (AMP™) provides precise and efficient 3D location of any underground pipeline asset quickly and easily, including wastewater, utilities and directional drilled lines. AMP’s accurate data can be used for as-built drawing verification and defect locating including pipe sags, misaligned joints, horizontal and vertical design problems and hydraulic modeling. The system includes interchangeable wheel sets allowing AMP™ a wide operational range from 3” in diameter to 58” in any and all pipe materials including VCP, iron, plastic and concrete. Visit the CUES Mapping Services website to learn more about the AMP

  • Use AMP™ for precise location of your underground pipeline assets for proactive sewer repair and replacement
  • Identify the critical problems, such as inclination, sags, bends, etc. in your wastewater system
  • The CUES AMP™ data can be used with your centralized system of record keeping and be accessible to all decision makers to assure proper defensible spending
  • Identify short and long term concerns to be considered in future CIP and O&M budgets
  • Integration of exact positional location with CCTV-identified anomalies and CUES asset-based Granite XP™ decision support software allowing for accurate and cost-effective spot repairs
  • Use data for as-built drawings and confirm that installations meet location specifications
  • Project-specific custom carriers available upon request
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AMPVUE™, a cloud based free service for all users of CUES AMPTM is available to manage all the data produced by the CUES AMP™. This tool provides industry standard enterprise GIS outputs, multiple CAD formats and standard detailed reports.

AMPVUE™ Professional is available for any size operation requiring a GIS (Geographic Information System). AMPVUE™ Professional provides a cost effective web-based GIS platform at a competitive cost and includes all of the functionality in AMPVUE™, plus many additional features.

  • AMPVUE™ 3D Graph
  • AMPVUE™ Data Transfer Download Screen

Visit the CUES Mapping Services website to learn more about the AMP

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